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Photo dump AAR! Capture the Crossing - PLC vs. Sweden

Kato and I rang in the new year with a battle over a river (thrilling!).
We both had FSP 11 forces, with a large proportion of cavalry. We rolled up the Capture the Crossing scenario, which sends the two skirmish forces at a bridge & ford to take a key river.
My minor reconnaissance advantage bought me a forced march that I made really poor use of. 
The battle was a back and forth affair, as I was able to get some dragoons and Cossack-style across both the bridge and the ford, before summarily being pushed back across the river and routed. It was a really fun game!
The Swedes took the day with a strategic victory (though I at least got the point for having my dragoons holding on for dear life on the enemy side of the river.
To the photos!

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Defend the Crossing! Muscovites vs. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

I was able to lure my brother up from the wasteland of Virginia for a game. I pulled together two forces quickly and rolled up a scenario. The Polish force was weaker by 1 point, but after rolling 3 potential scenarios (Commander had 3 command points), the only valid option was Defend the Crossing, as the other two had scenario values greater than 1 (the difference in force strength).
As such, the PLC force found itself defending a river crossing against a slightly larger force from the Tsardom. 

Polish Skirmish Force - 1649-52 10 FSP, 23 Reconnaissance Points (maybe miscalculated RP) FSP 5 - 3 Pancerni (spears), 3 Cossack-Style, 2 Dragoons, 2 Cossack-Style  FSP 6 - 2 Dragoons FSP 7 - 2 Pancerni (spears) FSP 8 - 2 Cossack-Style FSP 9 - Rotamaster FSP 10 - 2 Dragoons (split between the prior units)

Muscovite Skirmish Force 1648-1676
11 FSP, 21 Reconnaissance Points (maybe miscalculated RP) FSP 4 - 3 Servant Cossack, 3 Servant Cossack, 2 Boyars, 2 Boyars, 2 Boyars FSP 5 - 2 Reiter FSP …