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Game day! 2/24 at Games & Stuff

On Saturday, we had four players (me, Kato, Nick & Alex) meet up for some By Fire and Sword.

I'll recap my 3(!) games as succinctly as I can along with some relevant photos (the rest are here. Kato used Google Photos to create this awesome video of them as well [what? you can't see it? Well then. Come join our Facebook group 'Capital BFAS'!)]).

We had two games going at first. I didn't catch much of Kato's game against Alex's Cossacks. Meanwhile Nick and I went toe to toe:

Game 1 - Nick's Danish vs. Maurice's Lithuanians

This was a fun, if quick game. We kept the objectives pretty straight-forward to make sure we had the rules tight, with some bonus points for killing commanders.

Nick's additional effects saw a unit of cossack-style delayed ugh, as well as the setting-in of fatigue for my whole force. Then, to further mess things up, my large cossack-style squadron with spears apparently hadn't been paid recently and nee…
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Photo dump AAR! Capture the Crossing - PLC vs. Sweden

Kato and I rang in the new year with a battle over a river (thrilling!).
We both had FSP 11 forces, with a large proportion of cavalry. We rolled up the Capture the Crossing scenario, which sends the two skirmish forces at a bridge & ford to take a key river.
My minor reconnaissance advantage bought me a forced march that I made really poor use of. 
The battle was a back and forth affair, as I was able to get some dragoons and Cossack-style across both the bridge and the ford, before summarily being pushed back across the river and routed. It was a really fun game!
The Swedes took the day with a strategic victory (though I at least got the point for having my dragoons holding on for dear life on the enemy side of the river.
To the photos!