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Task Force Solo Game - PLC vs. Sweden

With the release of the awesome new Task Force book for By Fire and Sword, I've been furiously working on various new units to be able to put larger forces on the table. Being starved for games lately, I set up a level-1 game (base+1 level) with my 9-year old. She helped me get through turn one and set up and I ran it solo from there. 

Swedish Garrison TF - 16 FSP Commander (4 CP) Colonel Lt. Colonel 4 Dragoons (vanguard) 5 National Reiters (armor, arquebus) 6 Mercenary Pike 6 Mercenary Musketeers 6 National Reiters Regimental Gun
Polish (PLC) Cavalry Task Force - 15 FSP Commander Rotamaster 6 Dragoons (vanguard) 5 Pancerni (spears) 6 Cossack-style 5 Cossack-style 3 Hussars (w/ lance)
The scenario rolled up was 'Key Terrain Feature.' It is basically a pitched battle over two objectives, with 2 scenario points awarded for control of each (4 total), and 2-4 more points available for getting bases off the opposing table edge (up to 3 for troops, 1 for a commander).…
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Spring thaw

It's been a busy end of the Winter, what with work, family, and the ever-present distraction of OTHER GAMES.

However, By Fire and Sword has been steadily picking up interest and momentum, both in the DC area where I live, as well as in other U.S. communities! There is a vibrant group playing in the Buffalo/Rochester/Toronto area, and Chicago is picking up as well. I think this is greatly due to Karl's work at Wargamer U.S., getting out to non-historical conventions like Adepticon.

In my area, we've kicked off a slow-grow league, starting with the core of a skirmish force + 1 level to be painted and played with through May. We'll add more banners from there. We've got at least 8(!!!!!) players signed up, all running different armies!

I'll be playing Ottomans (works in progress below), while Kato is churning out some beautiful Transylvanians. Nick is building out his Danes, and then we've got a host of new players picking up Poland-Lithuania, the Holy Roman …

Game day! 2/24 at Games & Stuff

On Saturday, we had four players (me, Kato, Nick & Alex) meet up for some By Fire and Sword.

I'll recap my 3(!) games as succinctly as I can along with some relevant photos (the rest are here. Kato used Google Photos to create this awesome video of them as well [what? you can't see it? Well then. Come join our Facebook group 'Capital BFAS'!)]).

We had two games going at first. I didn't catch much of Kato's game against Alex's Cossacks. Meanwhile Nick and I went toe to toe:

Game 1 - Nick's Danish vs. Maurice's Lithuanians

This was a fun, if quick game. We kept the objectives pretty straight-forward to make sure we had the rules tight, with some bonus points for killing commanders.

Nick's additional effects saw a unit of cossack-style delayed ugh, as well as the setting-in of fatigue for my whole force. Then, to further mess things up, my large cossack-style squadron with spears apparently hadn't been paid recently and nee…

Photo dump AAR! Capture the Crossing - PLC vs. Sweden

Kato and I rang in the new year with a battle over a river (thrilling!).
We both had FSP 11 forces, with a large proportion of cavalry. We rolled up the Capture the Crossing scenario, which sends the two skirmish forces at a bridge & ford to take a key river.
My minor reconnaissance advantage bought me a forced march that I made really poor use of. 
The battle was a back and forth affair, as I was able to get some dragoons and Cossack-style across both the bridge and the ford, before summarily being pushed back across the river and routed. It was a really fun game!
The Swedes took the day with a strategic victory (though I at least got the point for having my dragoons holding on for dear life on the enemy side of the river.
To the photos!