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Photo dump AAR! Capture the Crossing - PLC vs. Sweden

Kato and I rang in the new year with a battle over a river (thrilling!). We both had FSP 11 forces, with a large proportion of cavalry. We rolled up the Capture the Crossing scenario, which sends the two skirmish forces at a bridge & ford to take a key river. My minor reconnaissance advantage bought me a forced march that I made really poor use of.  The battle was a back and forth affair, as I was able to get some dragoons and Cossack-style across both the bridge and the ford, before summarily being pushed back across the river and routed. It was a really fun game! The Swedes took the day with a strategic victory (though I at least got the point for having my dragoons holding on for dear life on the enemy side of the river. To the photos! The Swedish forces Reiters dip into the ford While the Cossack-style prepare to meet them A clash is imminent! Cautious reiters allow the Polish dragoons to set up shop across the bridge

Accidental Airbrush Army

Well, I felt like airbrushing something last night, and, in an effort to procrastinate from any/all more time-sensitive projects, I grabbed my ready-to-paint Ottomans. A few hours later between last night and this morning and I am well on my way to finishing them!


Happy new year! Sorry for disappearing for a few months. Life and other games got in the way. 2018 should be a great year for By Fire and Sword in my neck of the woods. Since the last post, Wargamer released both the draft Task Force rules in English  AND an online army builder ; awesome! I've got a game scheduled for Thursday, so I'll try to write that up.