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Prelude: By Fire and Sword Polish vs. Brandenburg pre-game sequence

This week, Kato and I will play another round of By Fire and Sword, once again fighting out a battle between a Polish force pushing into Prussia to attempt to force the Brandenburgian leadership to abandon it's alliance with Sweden. The last battle saw the Polish make good progress, taking some key hills and breaking through the Prussian rearguard. This battle may see the tables turn! I'm going to walk through the pre-game steps on this post and then will do another battle report once we've played. Hopefully this will be of interest to those who want to learn more about how a BFAS game is prepared. First, the lists! Kato's Prussian Territorial Defense FSP 2: 2 Territorial Defense Reiters (A), 4 Prussian Musketeers (B&C) FSP 3: 2 Territorial Defense Reiters (D), 2 Prussian Musketeers (E&F) FSP 4: 2 Territorial Defense Reiters (G) FSP 5: 2 Territorial Defense Reiters (H), 2 Prussian Musketeers (I) +1FSP: Captain +1FSP: 2 Unarmored Reiters (J)