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Task Force Solo Game - PLC vs. Sweden

With the release of the awesome new Task Force book for By Fire and Sword, I've been furiously working on various new units to be able to put larger forces on the table. Being starved for games lately, I set up a level-1 game (base+1 level) with my 9-year old. She helped me get through turn one and set up and I ran it solo from there.  THE FORCES Swedish Garrison TF - 16 FSP Commander (4 CP) Colonel Lt. Colonel 4 Dragoons (vanguard) 5 National Reiters (armor, arquebus) 6 Mercenary Pike 6 Mercenary Musketeers 6 National Reiters Regimental Gun Polish (PLC) Cavalry Task Force - 15 FSP Commander Rotamaster 6 Dragoons (vanguard) 5 Pancerni (spears) 6 Cossack-style 5 Cossack-style 3 Hussars (w/ lance) The scenario rolled up was 'Key Terrain Feature.' It is basically a pitched battle over two objectives, with 2 scenario points awarded for control of each (4 total), and 2-4 more points available for getting bases off the opposin