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Fleurus 1622 - an In Deo Veritas Battle Report

On 7/18 I was able to get the project I've been working on for a couple of months onto the table - a 6mm recreation of the battle of Fleurus in 1622 using the In Deo Veritas ruleset! All miniatures are Baccus. In Deo Veritas In Deo Veritas, by Phil Garton and published by Helion, is a pretty new fast-play set of rules for 17th Century wargames. It uses D6s, with a dice pool hit & save system. Command is by wing, with wings activating in a random order each turn. I'll do a more thorough review in a later post. Historical Context Fleurus is a common introductory battle for Thirty Years War games, as it features two relatively small, matched forces in a straight-up fight to break through. The Protestant army is led by a mercenary odd-couple of Ernst von Mansfeld and Christian of Brunswick. Their army had recently left the service of the King of Bohemia and Elector Palatinate, Frederick V, as Frederick had grown tired of their bickering during an extended retreat. App

Back to writing: Diving into 6mm!!

As we all deal with the pandemic as best our circumstances allow, it seems like many are doubling down on the wargaming hobby. I'm no exception. I've taken the opportunity to buy a bunch of Baccus 6mm miniatures to try out a bunch of new rulesets in a new setting: the thirty-years war! Over the next while, I'm going to try out a number of different rules for the period and see which works best for me and my friends. Miniatures-wise, I'm going to paint up enough to be able to run generic-looking Catholic and Protestant armies with a few specialty groups (some Swedes, some Scots, etc.) to add some flavor. Rulesets I've picked up: In Deo Veritas - Phil Garton, Helion Wargames Tercios - Kraken Publishing/Tercios Miniatures Twilight of Divine Right - Nick Dorrell, Pike & Shot Society De Bellis Renationis Tilly's Very Bad Day - Steven Thomas More to come... I'll be starting with the battle of Fleurus 1622 and will work through a